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What are ASEAN’ cooperation programs in Intellectual Property Rights?

27 tháng 12. 2016 0 Lượt xem

Intellectual Property (IP) protection is sought in today’s global economy to realise the full business potential of business innovation. The ASEAN Working Group on IP Cooperation (AWGIPC) was established in 1996 to enhance IP infrastructure and regimes in the region.

AWGIPC’s new initiatives and services

Established on 15 June 2009, ASPEC is the first regional patent worksharing platform among participating AMS. ASPEC allows participating countries to share search and examination results to improve workflow and expedite patent application processes. Filed in English, ASPEC imposes no additional charges to the national IP filing process


The ASEAN IP Portal is a one-stop platform for information and services on IP in the region. The Portal includes tools such as ASEAN TMview, and a database of more than 2.5 million trademarks, with plans to add more IP tools. The Portal provides ASEAN IP statistics, regional business case studies of successful IP utilisation, and an ASEAN Case Law Database.

Accession to WIPOadministered Treaties

ASEAN looks towards greater assimilation with global treaties administered by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). Eight AMS are members of the WIPO treaty for patents (Patent Cooperation Treaty), and four are members of the trademark treaty (Madrid Protocol) with five more slated to join. On industrial designs, two AMS are members of the Hague agreement. These treaties allow stakeholders to file their IP in these AMS from their home countries, where home countries are also members to the treaties.

Dedicated Taskforces

ASEAN has dedicated taskforces to look into ASPEC (patent), Trademarks and Enforcement matters, for greater cooperation in enhancing these areas, for more timely and quality services.